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The Host

Dr. Asia D. Turner is the author of "YUP I SAID IT!" She has made the title of her book the brand for her podcast and Blog.

When you hear "YUP I SAID IT!" you will note the topics will be what she calls  "THE UNPOPULAR TRUTH!"


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YUP I SAID IT was birth during a time when God was stretching me to speak firm words to leaders, laity and to whomever that had an hear to hear. I learned during this season to not be afraid of the people’s face and speak as God directed me to.


Yup I SAID IT book was written because…I realized I didn’t have to wait for people to die for me to write, or say thus says the Lord. YUP I SAID IT BOOK, and podcast is for every person that choose God over things and family, and you felt like you were alone. God told me I’m not alone, you’re set a part and so are you. Welcome to YUP I SAID IT!

Dr.  A.D.T

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Dr. Asia D. Turner (Dr. A.D.T.) resides in Las Vegas, NV, and is married to Pastor Shonrico Turner; the mother of four and a bonus mom of two. Dr. A.D.T. wears many hats in her community. She's a first responder Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) of 16+ years; the founder and The Apostle of Mount Zion of Fire (MZOF); a deliverance minister, owner of Stepping Stone Christian Education (Apostolic School of Ministry); non-profit organizer of The M.E.E.T (Mentoring, Empowering, Equipping, Training) and Stepping Stone Apostolic International Alliance; entrepreneur of First Step Up Business Consulting, Stepping Stone Christian Counseling and B.A.C. Up Home Help LLC; author of YUP I SAID IT!, Deliverance & Healing 101, and What Comes From The Heart.

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Instagram: @dr_a.d.t


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My purpose is not your purpose...apart of my purpose is to help people see another way. I've learned a long time ago that I can't be afraid of faces, opinions, or actions. When you know who you are, and who's on your side, you stand without bending to fit in.

Welcome... YUP I SAID IT family...I GOTCHU!

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