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I give huge THANK YOU to J Jig Cicero for a slamming Intro/Outro for the YUP I SAID IT! Podcast. It was definitely refreshing to work with someone who took my ideas and made them come alive in a J JIG CICERO type of way. You  produced EXACTLY what I was looking for. I'm definitely looking to work with her again on other adventures in the future. 

If ya'll don't know this Beauty ya betta ask sumbody.!!! Follow her on Instagram @jjigcicero and her website @  

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Jessica Marie Courts (J. Jig Cicero), 2016 Ohio Hip Hop Award winning best female artist was born Jan 11 in Cincinnati, Ohio and was reared in both Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio. Jig is a talented multidimensional songwriter and explosive performer of several different musical genres specializing in rap/hip hop. She is also a songwriter and performer of r&b, neo soul, and poetry.  Jig has been coined as “The Watcher” by her mentor, Brooke Knight because of her vast array of musical genus and story telling styles.

 Jig is gifted at painting lyrical collages of relevant experiences most often seen through the eyes of an inner city native. Not only is she a prolific narrator with a forthright and aggressive ear catching delivery, but also she puts on a dynamic stage performance that most anyone would feel fortunate to witness. An unyielding J. Jig has attempted to gain acclaim in her musical career before and missed the mark. Because of her newly transformed liberated frame of mind, she now understands that failure can be one’s best teacher. Jig has stated, “I just wasn’t ready, I didn’t know nor understand many things about the art form and about life as a whole that I understand today”. She holds herself totally responsible for past failure, she states, “ Immaturity, inconsistency, and lack of guidance are the reasons why I feel I didn’t fully get off the ground in the past”. This talent is truly one to keep an eye out for as she narrates about love, life, gains and losses and the societal state as a young adult in the global community.


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