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Updated: Feb 8, 2022

You may not like what I say today, but you will respect it tomorrow...

Hello Family,

My name is Dr. A.D.T. A.K.A. (All Day True)...I'm your sister from another mother, and the friend you never had and now you do.

YUP I SAID IT is a brand, podcast, radio show, blog, clothing line, the next catchphrase and a MOVEMENT dealing with REAL life topics we face every day, no matter what color we are. Each podcast tackles a different topic matter as I shed light on the good, the bad, the funny and the ugly. Such as the church, what the church don’t talk about and behind the scenes in the church. Dr. A.D.T. will discuss topics on sex, police brutality, gangs, rappers, politics, relationships, marriage, singleness, abuse, food, the black race, the white race...Nothing or no one is exempt!

This new relationship we have...Understand all relationships take time. You may not like what I say today, but you will respect it tomorrow. Anyone in my circle is forced to grow otherwise you fall off. Not because I abandoned our friendship, but because I said what I said, I meant it, and you didn't like it. So, I learn to live without you.

You see I don't get kicks for correcting, reproofing or rebuking anyone, it's a part of the WHO I AM. I stand for one high power (Jesus Christ). Therefore, I'd rather say it unapologetically than to be scolding in hell. My purpose is not your purpose...apart of my purpose is to help people see another way. I've learned a long time ago that I can't be afraid of faces, opinions, or actions. When you know who you are, and who's on your side, you stand without bending to fit in.

Welcome... YUP I SAID IT family...I GOTCHU!

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