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What The Church Won't Talk About

How many of you attend churches that NEVER talk about REAL life issues? Sex, Marriage, Abuse, Drugs, etc... I’m not talking about surface stuff. I’m talking about those issues you know you're dealing with or someone you know is dealing with. I’ll Wait!!!

The reason many of you are still living a mess is because the church you attend won’t call your sin out. WHY? I’ll be the first to tell you, it’s because you’re a NUMBER and not a disciple. The preacher is more concerned about the collection plate and not you making it into heaven.

You may not attend church and your life is a mess. WHY? I’ll be the first to tell you. The people that say they love you really don’t. They let you say and do whatever to keep the peace and so-called love.

When ministry leaders refuse to talk about sensitive matters, and avoid talking about sin then you better find your membership in a Spirit filled church that’s going to speak the TRUTH to your soul. Your FLESH maybe offended but you’ll be glad when judgement day comes when you’re on the right side of the room.

The reason many people can sit in churches that make them feel good Sunday after Sunday is because they AIN’T looking to change.

Find your hips in a ministry where the Word of God is preached UNAPOLOGETICALLY and they ain’t afraid of your face. Find yourself in a ministry that disturbs the demons in you, and you’ll REALLY see what you’re made of. You will either fold or flee!!!

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