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The Unfriendly Friend

The definition of unfriendly means: hostile, unsympathetic and unfavorable. Simple right? WRONG! As Believers we must view things in the spirit and seek the Holy Spirit to bring all TRUTH.

Spiritually “The Unfriendly Friend” show protection and anger towards others who try to come against you, they’re sympathetic and willing to help you overcome just to get close to you. They’ll use what they help you to overcome as leverage. Keep in mind that an “Unfriendly Friend” will not be happy with your success…They’ll be a friend in your face but really a wolf.

The unfriendly friend is a hidden enemy unlike an open enemy in which you recognize quickly.

Check your friend circle! Do you have an unfriendly friend in the midst? If so, part ways quickly and be okay with it.

Pray for your enemy and those who wrongfully accuse you. You don’t have to be ugly with your enemy. Be friendly, and cordial but know that you are NOT friends.

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