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Supporting B.O.B. Is Rough but Necessary!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Supporting B.O.B (Black Owned Businesses} is not always easy due to the lack of professionalism, and zero customer service skills. However, we should make a great effort to help strengthen our local community, because when our businesses flourish so will our community. Truth is Walmart, Starbucks and the list goes on also lack of professionalism. Think about the many times you've gone into these merchants and received the wrong order, and the cashier was rude.

African American...Ya'll know it’s hard to get a business loan for an entrepreneur of color. So, what do we do? We fund our own businesses due to lack of capital. We open chicken shacks from our home. We sell plates and create sugar shacks in the back yard (bar). Sadly, even after funding our own business we don’t make enough to have employees to help us to expand.

Why we can’t be like the Hispanics? They work together, live together and systematically help everyone in the house until they have their own business, house and car. Black people we can't hate their system when are culture is known to be a CRAB.

How can we make it to the fortune 500 with a crab mentality? What is a crab spirit? Glad you asked. A crab spirit is you cannot stand to see another black person make it to the top. You would rather see them at the bottom with you. So, you pull them down, not support, and prey on their downfall. That's a REAL HATER!!!

Black people WAKE-UP…We make up the majority in the economy. We spend the most money! STOP complaining about corporate discrimination and do something about it. Are you going to stop shopping at Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks wearing the fashions of racist designers? I’ll Wait…Matter fact

Email @ I’d love to hear your ideas and see your movement.

If we STOP spending elsewhere and spend our money in our community it can benefit us, and we will see a change in the racial wealth gap.

It’s rough building a business, funding a business and trying to solicit your business to your own kind.

Until blacks are delivered from the spirit of the crab and a SLAVE mentality…sadly we may never see the unity gap in our race.

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