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Sucka Free means keeping ANYTHING not real, phony, or fake that represent or stand for a sucka away from you.

Today you will learn another meaning to being SUCKAFREE. Believers, Christians (Whatever you want to call yourself) are being made to be suckers. WHY? Because of the temptations of the enemy you fall for. HOW? By falling prey to false blessings, false come ups, and fake praise and fake participation. No matter how much you think you’re doing something in the name of Jesus you better check it twice and have another person to check behind you. You would be surprised to know that many BELIEVERS hate to be RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE to someone. If the disciples did it…hen why can't we? The Apostles walked with Jesus and was accountable and responsible to HIM…They reported back what they did. Many believers will remain in left field thinking they got it going on, and…getting away with the supposedly unseen.

If you must sneak, hide, pretend, or act like you got it together when you don’t then you’re A SUCKER!!! We go to church errr Sunday, and Bible Study midweek…so we’re always in a place of knowing what’s right from wrong but our selfish desires keep us in sin and our need to blame others keeps us from walking in truth. 2 Timothy 3:7

Always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth. Why??? again because of our selfish desires.


Temptations comes in all shapes and sizeS. You think you’re getting a blessing but it’s a set up to give demons a legal right into your life. What a legal right? Glad you asked!

Legal Right: is something that can give deons an opportunity to enter or harass us, or gives them the right to remain in us to possess us or make it difficult to make them leave.

Are you staying SUCKAFREE? The enemy waiting to tempt you with whatever…You ain’t getting away with it!

Suckafree people don’t keep fake people in their life…So keep the enemy out, keep sin out!

Stay sucka free by not letting the enemy into your circle. The enemy can use anybody. Mother, father, sis, brother, cousin, church people…If you're not secretly doing stuff, or behind people's back then you'll NEVER have to assume they talking about you!!! Stay Suckafree

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