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Police Brutality & Racism is another form of the PURGE!

The Civil Rights have made progress throughout history…HOWEVER this country is still racist, and people are secretly racist. The fact is George Floyd is deceased, and there is no amount of talk that can pacify us as a black race any longer…We are tired of hearing, it is going to get better…NOOOO we want to see change!

The death of George Floyd caused a mass protest around the world that could have turned into a hate war. Trust me this war was brewing in the communities of with black people!

Floyd’s death shook the world…People from all races participated in protest about BLACK LIVES MATTER…

There are more cases with black men going to jail for robbery with life sentences, than white men and police officers killing people and getting twenty-two years or less. Police Officers and Racist who commit a murder should be in prison until they death…With no question a LIFE SENTENCE should be there portion! WHY??? Because the family has to live a life sentence knowing their loved one is never coming back…

We have had enough!!!


How do you think it is okay to put your hands on us, try to control us and cast us down as if God didn’t make us too?

How dare you promote your race better than our race or any other race because your privileged…but not by vote!

Black people are the most hated but the FIRST to be DUPLICATED…

Our lips have ALWAYS been the talk of the town. We have been called monkey’s, mammies, and coons…But look at most white people NOW.

White people pay to have their lips like ours, they pay to have the butts bigger, they get cornrows, and when they get them…its considered a new trend…or invention…Cornrows for us is like no butts for whites it’s just our thing. We have been taught as a black race our lips are too big, are butts are too big and our hair is nappy. But our style and inventions are duplicated every day, but we are hated...

I can’t imagine spending anytime thinking about how much I can’t stand a color…the color of someone’s skin. Who spends that amount of energy hating a color? Like for real who does tht???

Let me tell you a person that has no identity of their own. A person that steals, kill, and destroy another person and try to make what they have their own.

There must be something wrong with a person internally to have so much hate for a person of color.

If there is hatred in a person because they don’t like the color of melanated skin something sick is wrong with them. If colored skin causes you to commit a crime, there was something SICK and demonic in you way before a colored person triggered that demon in you. People are unhappy with themselves when they exert that amount of energy into a person that is different from them. Or, maybe they’re intimidated by people who look different from them...Who cares...Get over it...

In the eyes of a racist we will always be a nigga…

It doesn’t matter if we’re educated, or with money, we’re just the next level negro, or that colored boy or girl.

I’m a Black woman with black children, and I can assure you that I don’t have the same conversation as a white mother would with her children. While a white woman is telling her son go out there and be the best that you can be.

A black woman is telling her son stay alive, keep your hands out of your pocket, do not wear a hood, do not run and play, be safe and make it back home. And I pray that you make it to see 21…like whatttt!!!

We Are Not the Same??? Privilege must be NICE?

Not every black person is stupid and not every white person is racist but until we bridge the gap there will always be segregation.

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