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Don't Talk About It Be About It

Talk is CHEAP!!! “Don’t Talk About It Be About It” is an old saying with a lot of meaning. How many times have you complained about the president, your job, the church, and your family? I’ll wait!

We’ve become accustomed to talking and producing nothing. We complain, murmur, or give up. When you’re passionate about what you say you love to do you produce fruit.

So, when you say you love God or anything you stand for you should not have to be motivated by prompting and persuasion. Do the work without being told. That’s shows love, motivation, determination, and perseverance.

How many churches have you been to that talk greatly about the power of God but have yet to experience it? I’ll wait. Don’t Talk About It Be About It…God has giving us the ability to talk the talk and walk the walk. The REAL question is do you want to?

STOP putting yourselves in positions to look like a quitter, and then hide with your tail in your butt when you’re expected to produce. Be real with yourself and don’t place yourself in positions you’re not equipped to be in because you will be expected to Talk About and Be About It.

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