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Doggy Bags Are Now Banned!

Doggy Bag = a bag used by a restaurant customer or party guest to take home leftover food, supposedly for their dog.

Etiquette = formal manners and rules. Etiquette that draws a different line between people with good manners and people who behave irresponsibly everywhere.

Social etiquette = One of the most important etiquettes is social etiquette.

There's etiquette when invited for dinner. You may not think there’s etiquette to going to dinner or someone’s house for dinner…BUT there is! This maybe a hard pill to swallow because you think you’re entitled to leftovers from Thanksgiving, a birthday party or wherever there is food. I hate to be the one to disappoint you, but those leftovers are not yours. UNLESS you have been invited to partake in leftovers.

Your expectations at someone else’s function could be the very reason why you’re not often invited. If you’re invited to a social setting that includes flood don’t automatically assume when the party is over, the leftovers are free for the taking; and YOU decide you’re taking this, this, and that home…ASKING first, is good etiquette.

BLACK PEOPLE I’m helping ya’ll today…Because you can be with the upper echelon looking for a DOGGY BAG to take home…


1. STOP bringing people because you thought it was okay to bring them to the dinner party.

2. STOP talking about the food while you’re still at the dinner party.


4. Help with the clean-up


6. If you brought food or drinks to the dinner party and you’re NOT, the host DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT take your funky pop or chips home. SELFISH…You eat everybody else’s stuff but here you goooo I’m taking this. It is assumed once you bring an item to a dinner party it is NO LONGER yours but the host. So STOP lording over your food item.

Bottom line...Enjoy the food, fun and fellowship while you're at the function. STOP always looking to take something away to feel as though you haven't lost anything because you haven't.

Starting today I've banned doggy bags...PEACE and Happy Etiquette.


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