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Did You Identify Yourself By Who You Voted For?

What was your MORAL REASONING---for voting for BIDEN or TRUMP?

Definition: Moral = concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character. Holding or manifesting high principles for proper conduct.

The presidential election between Biden and Trump was like voting for the lesser of two evils. Which led many voters not to exercise their constitutional right according to the 15th Amendment to vote.

During the election the United States was facing and still is facing racial tension, and unemployment. As I said in my first podcast episode #1 COV-19 was a strategic stimulus plot…The rich get richer and the poor poorer. Check that podcast out.

WHY VOTE? Why should the people vote when they feel as though their vote doesn’t matter and nothing is going to be any different from the years before? I get it… I totally understand and respect the view of people who pose this question. As a black person our right to vote is more important than the person we’re actually looking to vote for. UNFORTUNATELY, many black people would prefer not to vote because of the unchanged racial activity, police brutality and unequal employment and pay.

Voters believe it makes no difference rather we vote or not because things will still be the same. If you’re homeless, low-income, or middle class how has the presidential election helped change your status for the better? I’ll wait…

If you’re homeless. Low-income or middle-class status we see the world different from government officials we live it everyday as they live life everyday unbothered by our issues in the community. How many years have we been fighting racial brutality, injustice for the poor and lack of health insurance? If the United States can’t help with basic necessity for the people in America, then why should the people have to choose between two evils? Bottom line elections have consequences one way or the other.

People chose not to vote for Trump because of his attitude, personality, and character, not because of his policies. People simply did not like his behavior, tweets, and his unprofessionalism as a candidate. One of the things I liked about Trump was his straight forwardness…I mean come on now…Ya’ll new he was uncouth prior to being the president. Did you think his character was going to change overnight? True… Trump said some messed up stuff, but I do agree that the Obamacare Health Plan (Affordable Care Act was a bunch of crock!!!)

Many Americans had reasonable health insurance. When the Obamacare went into effect, many couldn’t afford health insurance any longer and still pay bills. So, what did the people do opt to pay the $60 at Urgent Care.

As a people we need to be INFORMED. The news or the government doesn’t keep us INFORMED totally. So, when we go to vote we’re unsure whom to vote for and we make votes based on how good of a person we think someone is versus what they actually say in their policies and what they will enforce.

So, my question to you out there is did you identify yourself by who you voted for? What I mean is did you view what each candidate stood for in their morals and values? Did you consider your morals and values? Many Christians voted for Biden because he had policies they liked over others. If you’re Christian and have voted for Biden this means you are in cahoots with the bathroom rules given transgenders rights to use whatever restroom they identify themselves as.

Look here. I don’t care what people want to identify themselves as man, woman, or both. Just don’t try to change the rules to push your preference on anyone.

I tell you what…choosing between the two evils is easy…That’s right I said it! It's EASY because how I identify myself as a believer in Christ. I’m going to choose what’s on paper versus what you say especially if its in line with my beliefs although it doesn’t increase me in any way.

At the end of the day some people are still going to opt out of voting in the future elections altogether because of their frustrations, changes that don’t benefit the people and the ongoing war of racial brutality, the electoral system is a hot mess and anything man made can be regulated and altered to fit the wants of SELF.

This blog is in no way encouraging you to stop voting, but to be INFORMED. Know why you are voting for someone not just because you don’t like their personality, or the color of their hair. I ain’t into politics but I do politic ya feell me. lol

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