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COV-19 Was a Strategic Stimulus PLOT

COV-19 has caused a world-wide crisis. People have died, lost family and friends. My condolences to all who have lost a loved one.

People have become unemployed, homeless, sunk deeper into poverty, emotionally and mentally many are broken and scorned from the result of this pandemic.

Our government didn’t help us in a strategic way by assisting all levels of people that are knowledgeable or no knowledge at all. I believe the government acted in fear, hysteria and misinformation from the news media which led our government to set us up for failure.

America shut down without thinking about the PEOPLE (US...we are the people) …For government officials to be in such a high position they acted in a panic state of mind and caused a distress in our country.

When you’re an appointed should not be a novice in your position. I'm not saying the government is new to their position. However, there response was not based on a clear thoughtout process to rectify a crisis. As Leader you must, FIRST not react off fear and anxiety, SECOND assess the situation and the needs, THIRD plan according to the needs, FOURTH execute the plan to meet the needs, FIFTH assess again to see if the needs have been met. PEOPLE...Have your needs been met? If yours have than AWESOME but, there are millions of families you needs are not met.

STIMULUS checks and UNEMPLOYMENT…helped people to stay afloat, and make ends meet. Stimulus checks and unemployment benefits aided in such a way that people have decided to finally launch businesses they’ve been sitting on for years. AWESOME! For many stimulus checks were NOT put into savings… the money evaporated because people already had debit, bills to pay, or people who just mismanaged their funds.

How do expect people to survive when necessities have been stripped from them? Many people are not in position to stay home, and the ones that are in position are comfortable and needed the break. But, what about the people that were already at the bottom? Do we just let them slip through the cracks?

The news media hyped up COVID-19 to the max and many people panic to the point that fear... caused many to die not because of COV19 but due to stress.

Do you believe the coronavirus was created in the lab? Do you believe COVID-19 was a strategic plot for world order? World order is CONTROL!!! Look at how many jobs are forcing people to become vaccinated or else your FIRED! Churches had to mandatory close, Schools closed, you lived through the pandemic you know the suffering and the losses you had to endure.

This pandemic was strategic…and it’s ONLY going to get worse because this recovery will take maybe over a decade.

So, again why wasn’t a strategic plan put in place to recover us as an entire country? This pandemic has shown us that our government was driven by fear, hysteria, and misinformation, because we’re in crisis that has not been relieved but pacified. Stimulus checks were given as a lifeline…long enough for us to circulate the economy and to buy the government time until the world opened back up.

Stimulus checks pacified the people!!! There was NEVER relief for the people…because many were already broke! By the time people received stimulus checks the money was already spent and put back into businesses. Again, the rich getting richer and the poor poorer.

There may not have been a strategic plan in place for the peons (the poor, middle class, homeless and homeless veterans) but there was a strategic plan and plot in place for the upper echelon to get rich and die trying.

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