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YUP I SAID IT BLOG was created for people who prefer to read about, than to hear about it. Because we come from all walks of life and learn different

Dr. A.D.T. wanted to still be able to share her podcast messages with everyone.

Hello Family, My name is Dr. A.D.T. A.K.A. All Day True... YUP I SAID IT is a brand, podcast, blog, and movement dealing with REAL life topics we face every day, no matter what color we are. Each podcast tackles a different topic matter as I shed light on the good, the bad, the funny and the ugly. The church, sex, police brutality, gangs, rappers, politics, relationships, marriage, singleness, abuse, the black race, the white race…Nothing is exempt! This podcast is a VOICE for people who: are afraid to speak, you don't know how to say what you feel, you've been told to be quiet, you do too much, you've been called weird, called out of your name, or people just don't understand you. Hey...sounds like...we're Family. So, allow me Dr. A.D.T. to inspire you to come out of your shell and STOP living a false identity. Embrace being set apart...People that can stand alone are STRONG, COUREGOUS and have STRENGTH to endure. Who Are You? Only you can answer that. This podcast will help you to see things to assist you in discovering the REAL you. This new relationship we have...Understand all relationships take time. You may not like what I say today, but you will respect it tomorrow. Anyone in my circle is forced to grow otherwise you fall off not because I abandoned our friendship, but because I said I what I said, I meant it, and you didn't like I learn to live without you. You see I don't get kicks for correcting, reproofing and rebuking it's a part of the WHO I AM and WHO I STAND FOR. I'd rather say it, then to be convicted because I didn't help you to see another way. I've learned a long time ago that I can't be afraid of faces, opinions, or actions. When you know who you are, and who's on your side, you stand tall without bending to fit in. YUP I SAID IT is your new family home...I GOTCHU

“Do you have a design in mind for your blog? Whether you prefer a trendy postcard look or you’re going for a more editorial style blog - there’s a stunning layout for everyone.”

Hello Family,

My name is Dr. A.D.T.

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